May 2009 --> Vanda tesselata x vanda rothschildiana orchid

May 2009  -->   Vanda tesselata x vanda rothschildiana orchid from Regal Orchids

By: Regal Orchids  08/05/2009
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The gorgeous vanda tesselata with the rich indigo/blue of rothschildiana.

Rothschildiana is itself a cross between vanda coerulea x euanthe (vanda) sanderiana and gives a strongly spotted lavender blue and vigorous growth habit to offspring.

An ascocenda size plant that produces 6-10 richly rippled blooms on tall stems. Grow in bright to full sun with lower temps than other vandas, watering regularly to get the best out of this variety.

Vanda plants do best grown in open baskets with their roots left hanging in open air and thoroughly sprayed regularly. An alternative is to place the plant up to the first leaves (with the roots hanging inside) in a tall glass cylinder or vase. This way, the roots can be soaked for about 10mins then excess poured away to let them dry out. This method therefore reduces watering requirement to 1/week only.

Very unusual and hard to find cross that is also known as Vanda Florence Tham.

Keywords: Orchids