Pregnancy Massage

By: Chi Force  06/09/2010
Keywords: complementary therapies, Massage therapist, alternative therapies


For all those mothers to be, this wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment will help nurture you and your baby during this very special time.

Pregnancy can be a very special time, but not everyone experiences a trouble free 9 months. The natural processes and changes taking place within the body as you accommodate that new life can create an unsettling time as your body adapts to the new physiological challenges.

Massage can help you adjust to these changes in very many ways as well as providing a very nurturing supportive environment for you to relax and prepare for your journey ahead.

Working in conjunction with your midwife's advice, the massage targets common problems associated with pregnancy such as nausea and indigestion, swollen ankles, fatigue, aching muscles and back problems. It also helps you cope with tiredness, fatigue and the emotional changes that are common during this changing time.

This caring massage creates deep relaxation and also releases feel good endorphins which circulate around the whole body benefiting not only the mother but reassuring baby too.

To find out more about pregnancy massage, how it can help or to discuss any safety concerns please call 0794 121 6626

Keywords: alternative therapies, complementary therapies, Holistic Massage, Massage therapist, pregnancy massage