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By: Whippy Design  20/11/2009
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Advertising Leaflet Design that win Clients.
Advertising leaflet are definitely the most cost effective marketing tool you can use to spread out the word on your business. You can hand advertising leaflets out, post them, hang them up, or even leave advertising leaflets where your clients and prospects can get them.
The beauty of advertising leaflet is that no matter what your budget or specification, Whippy Design can create your next advertising leaflet and have it back to you within a week, helping you to create and start using the most hardworking tool that can win your clients for you.
Pictures do paint a thousand words… They do paint a hundred and thousand words that your advertising leaflets copy may not be able to. Using photos and graphics on your advertising leaflet can really emphasize your benefits.
You can either use your own images or alternatively Whippy Design has a huge variety of stock images or can even provide professional photographic service to uniquely capture your companies image onto your advertising leaflets.

 Just remember to choose the image that would most likely help you make your message clearer and simpler for your target readers.   Provide guarantees that you can actually deliver… Do not, and I mean ever, include claims in your ad or advertising leaflets that you can’t actually deliver.
Your readers will know it, believe it or not. And nothing turns them off that fast. You can always be positive in your story, but never go beyond than what you can provide your prospects.   Focus on what’s important… Identify which is the most important idea or message to communicate to your prospective clients via your advertising leaflets and then focus on that.
Make that idea the most prominent thing on your advertising leaflet. Upsize the space it occupies - the key is to make it the single most dominant feature on your advertising leaflets to catch the attention of your readers.   Stick with what you have… If you have your message or idea, stick with it even if you feel that you’ve been promoting it for a long time.
Being consistent in what you say can get you the success you need to make your clients and prospects remember you. Repeat marketing helps increase familiarity among your readers. And remember that what matters is what your clients and prospects feel about your advertising leaflets.
It doesn’t matter that your campaign is too old for you; it remains fresh to each and every new prospect that sees it.   Simplicity… A good advertising leaflet design is often made simple and clear. A flyer printing project is even simpler. You can get Whippy Design in Cheshire's specialists in designing high impact flyers, to inform your clients about the service you offer.
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