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By: Proof Edit  06/10/2010
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In addition to the checks and amendments of a Proofreading service, a document within this category also receives a deep edit. Sentences and paragraphs are reconstructed where nevessary in order to provide a smooth, flowing read, while any facts the document may contain are checked for accuracy. The document's type face is analysed for consistency, as are page and chapter numbers. Any figures, pictures and references are examined to ensure all are present and correctly labelled.

On one version of the document, all errors are corrected using clear marks with comments added where needed, while a second version is produced in its complete form, free from marks and suitable for readership. Both versions are forwarded back to the client.

This is the recommended service when a document needs to read as well as possible and be highly professional. Documents which would certainly benefit from a thorough edit would be fiction and non-fiction material, articles, website content, professional presentations, letters, dissertations, essays, medical material, etc.

Copy Editing Breakdown:

• Spell check
• Punctuation check
• Grammar check
• Paragraph formatting
• Dialogue formatting
• Type face consistency check
• Headings formatting
• Sentence and paragraph construction
• Required rewriting
• Page and chapter number consistency check
• Fact checking

Copy Editing Timescales:

Copy editing involves much more than just proofreading. It is therefore a more time-consuming process. Please use the below timescales as a guideline to how long it will take to edit your document, although your works will usually be returned to you much quicker:

Up to 30,000 words: 1-2 Working days
30,000 - 60,000 Words: 2-4 Working days
60,000 - 90,000 Words: 4-6 Working days
90,000 - 130,000 Words: 8-10 Working days

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