Occupataional Noise - Pubs, Clubs, Dining and Leisure

By: Hepworth Acoustics  29/04/2009
Keywords: building services, Acoustics, Noise control

Hepworth Acoustics is frequently called upon to carry out Noise at Work assessments of the noise exposure of staff. Tighter controls have recently been imposed on the music and entertainment industry under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Acoustic quality assessments and noise surveys can also be carried out, particularly for venues where live performances will take place.

All types of licensed premises will experience a number of acoustic issues throughout the life of the venue. These issues may become apparent before the operation starts trading, or they may only arise once trading has started. They can arise whether a premises is located in a busy city centre or in a residential location.

The primary problem is often noise impacting on other premises. This may be noise created by music, customers, ventilation and cellar cooling equipment or by a whole host of other noise generating activities. Where the licensed premises are situated in a multi-use building, there is always the potential for impact on noise sensitive premises around it, whether they are cinemas, offices or residential. Noise from customers leaving premises is often a ground for objection to licenses and can be from premises located some distance away.

Noise impact is usually a consideration when clients are applying for licenses and/or planning permission to develop or alter premises. Hepworth Acoustics is familiar with all the legal requirements concerning noise impact and can provide reports to show how this issue will be addressed. Considerable experience has been gained in presenting noise evidence at licensing and planning hearings.

Hepworth Acoustics also has extensive experience in the noise issues that can arise once the premises are operating. We usually start work by carrying out a noise survey and site inspection. We then provide the client with a detailed report setting out all they need to know to solve the problem, including any noise control recommendations.

Our reports take care to include all the measures the client needs to undertake to resolve the existing noise issue.

Keywords: Acoustics, building services, noise assessment, Noise at Work, Noise control, Noise Impact, Noise Problem, Noise Survey