Environmental Noise Assessments

By: Hepworth Acoustics  29/04/2009
Keywords: acoustic consultants, Noise Survey, environmental noise

Anyone wishing to develop a new site or change the use of an existing site will need to obtain planning permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The LPA will consider the noise and vibration issues of the proposed development as part of the overall planning assessment.

If planning permission is granted, the LPA may impose conditions requiring the developer to deal with all aspects of the noise and vibration impact, both to and from the site. This applies whether considering a noise-sensitive development in a noisy area (such as housing near a transportation or commercial noise source) or proposing a potentially noisy source into a sensitive area (examples here include mechanical plant installations or industrial/ entertainment venues close to existing dwellings). Environmental Health Officers are consulted to provide a recommendation on the acoustic aspects of the proposed development.

Compliance with the conditions is a requirement of the planning consent and it is often necessary to submit further information to discharge the condition. It is therefore in the developer’s interests to consider any and all of the potential acoustic issues at an early stage of the design

Planning guidance is currently contained in Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24). As the title suggests, PPG24 gives guidance to Planning Officers on noise issues related to new developments. PPG24  includes Noise Exposure Categories (NEC) split in to four categories, NEC A, B, C and D. Reference is made to other relevant British Standards and Guidelines, such as BS 4142, BS 8233, BS 6472 and World Health Organisation guidelines

Using the relevant documents, Hepworth Acoustics is able to advise clients on any acoustic measures required and to provide a report to the local authority. This allows the client to answer any concerns regarding noise and vibration impact, and to discharge the relevant planning conditions.

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