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By: Healthy Audio Limited  12/02/2009
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Confidence and self esteem are fragile. They take time to build and yet if not deeply rooted, self belief can be eroded or lost very easily. 
Confidence and self esteem are vital elements in helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and building a good quality of life. Without confidence and self esteem hesitancy and denial can rule us, in difficult times meeting additional challenges becomes almost beyond expectation as confidence is eroded daily.

The ongoing economic problems are an excellent example of how demands have to be met regardless of how we feel.
We owe it to ourselves and those we live with, and who depend on us to be at our best.
Learning or relearning confidence and self esteem is certainly possible.

One of the things we can do is to help ourselves. 
Believing in ourselves is fundamental to a happy life.
Feel confident and sure in yourself and your abilities and even the toughest problems and situations can be resolved. This comprehensive audio programme on CD or MP3 by Michael Mahoney uses his clinical experience and his ‘on-going progressive session induction method’ (OPSIM) based listening structure to maximise the benefits to users.

Importantly too this recording suggests to the listener to recognise the value of self encouragement, which is a powerful tool at our disposal, and in recognising our ability to learn self encouragement we can aid the developing self confidence and self esteem further.

This program is an aid to the listener who has gone through life with little confidence or self esteem, and it may also be useful to those who have had confidence in the past, but for individual reasons it evaporated and has proved difficult to rebuild. 

As with any life changing direction, this is a program you have to work with, but doing so in a gentle enjoyable way. The program incorporates a structured listening schedule which is a familiar trademark of Michael’s work, and one that has proven effective for the many who have used his other structured programs like IBS, chronic pain, emotional recovery and others. 

This confidence and self esteem audio program can be used as a stand alone program or can be used alongside other self development methods.

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