Off grid power

By: Astrum Energy Solutions Ltd  05/01/2013
Keywords: solar, wind turbines, sustainable energy

Living Off grid refers to a house or other dwelling being independent from the conventional electricity supply line (national grid) by generating all the electricity it needs using its own electricity generators. Off grid systems are particularly common on properties in remote areas where connecting to the main supply line is expensive. Nowadays, they are also being used on suburban houses that have opted out of the local electricity supply line for economical, environmental or ethical reasons. Astrum Energy Solutions can supply systems to provide all the electrical power needs for your property. Off grid properties provide their own electricy by various means with the most common being a generator charging batteries to store electricy for use when required. However with the ever increasing cost of fuel and the need to reduce carbon emmission, generators are more an more being used as back up power supplies with the main source of power being renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydro turbines (if you are lucky enough to have suitable water supply) or any combination of the three.

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