Oil refinery decontamination services

By: ProDecon  19/11/2010
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Oil refinery decontamination services.
Safety and environmentally driven from inception

ProDecon® decontamination chemistry and systems deliver safe, effective and predictably faster turnarounds.

Protecting the critical path

Chemical decontamination ofrefinery process systems has become an integral part of efficient unit turnarounds. Without effective decontamination, there may be delays to vessel entry due to internal conditions which can lead to additional clean-out operations, delays, personnel and plant-sequence issues, refurbishment and retrofit operations being put on standby, loss of production and escalating costs. Traditional unit preparation work, including steaming to atmosphere or a flare and hydrocarbon flushing, is time-consuming and can leave hidden pockets of hazardous contaminants.

ProDecon® decontamination

ProDecon® LDP88™ is a market-leading, proven chemistry that accelerates vessel access by removing and recovering hydrocarbons and eliminating LEL conditions and other risks.

ü  Highly effective in both Liquid and Vapour Phase versions

ü  Maximises plant safety

ü  Removes the risk of LEL conditions

ü  Removes hydrogen sulphide risk

ü  Eliminates fire risk from pyrophoric activity

ü  Reduces preparation time and accelerates vessel access

ü  Hot work can begin immediately on vessel entry

ü  Cost-effective

ü  Environmentally sound

LDP88™ is brilliantly formulated for maximum effectiveness and minimal environmental impact. The resultant emulsions are easily fractured. The water phase is ‘readily biodegradable’ and the LDP88™ breaks to the oil-phase for recovery through the site slops system.

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