Tax Investigation Advice

Tax Investigation Advice from Hardy & Co Accountants

By: Hardy & Co Accountants  22/12/2010
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If you have been advised that you are to be subject to a tax investigation of any sort then DO NOT respond to HMRC in any way, phone, fax, email or letter, until you clearly understand your position.

Responding to them without this knowledge could cost you your business and even possibly a criminal conviction, so make sure that you absolutely understand this.  A tax investigation and the consequences can be serious so, don’t do anything without the right information.

Has your accountant helped you get ready for this?

Tax investigations are something that many accountants will deal with very rarely, and so they have limited practical experience in briefing clients and preparing them to defend their position.

An accountant experienced in investigations should have warned you it was a possibility, offered you fee protection insurance, and taken you step by step through the likely process.

If not, questions need to be asked.

So if you are not 100% sure that the advice that you have is the best it could be then don’t go with it out of loyalty.  Put your business future first and seek experienced professional help.

When you call us, you can be absolutely confident that everything you share with us is absolutely confidential – including the fact that you have contacted us.  We can give you a free, 1 hour consultation to help prepare you for the investigation and better understand your position.  You are completely free then to choose whether to use or services, go elsewhere or go it alone.

Keywords: business tax, tax advice, Taxation Services