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UKpetcam and Pet Training from UKpetcam

By: UKpetcam  20/01/2013
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Pet collar cameras and IP Cameras can help with training methods, from basic commands to diagnosing behaviours such as aggression or separation anxiety, you'll need to do some investigating to find your answers which can be long. Maybe there's signs that you missed that trigger a certain behaviour? With our cameras you can record a pets behaviour and increase your training technics. All information can be either recorded or saved on a micro sd card to download and watch over again. Keep records of your progress or use your video recordings to show either the pet owner or pet trainer. IP WIFI Cameras can help ALL trainers, whether it's using them to watch a clients pet behaviour in there home or to watch your client behaviour in there home. Our IP Camera can be easily installed at your clients house and stream live video,anytime, anywhere in the world to your device. UKpetcam have the answer! House training Urine marking Destructiveness (chewing, digging) Excessive barking On-leash reactivity/aggression (barking, growling, lunging) Dog-dog aggression (stranger and intra-household) Stranger aggression Separation anxiety (can’t leave my dog alone) Fear of children, men, strangers Other fears like storms, noises, car rides

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