Defense Alarms that bite the burglar

By: The Alarming Man  17/02/2009
Keywords: intruder alarms, alarm, burglar alarms

Most alarms for business and domestic applications only alert key holders of a burglar on the premises.
Alarms can now have devices incorporated that force the burglar to leave without stealing or damaging anything.

The best defence product to have as part of an alarm system is security fog.  Immediately the alarm is activated the room fills with a dense impenetrable fog that hides the very items the burglar would want to steal so he leaves empty handed.

The next best thing is to fill the room with an intolerable noise when the alarm is activated.  Not only does this force the burglar to leave but also informs everyone in the vicinity of his presence. Because the sound systems are compact, they can be fitted virtually anywhere and are particularly suitable for commercial vehicles and light vans

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