Outsourced credit control and credit management

By: Query Management Ltd  03/02/2011
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Would you like to get paid quicker?

Our job is to take the hassle out of getting paid by recovering your money earlier and reducing the risk of bad debt.
Late payments are a problem for everyone and managing them well can be the difference between a business success and a business failure.
That's where Query Management comes in.   We deliver a quality, proactive credit control service for your business, addressing 'past dues' and solving all your customer payment problems - without compromising the loyalty of your customer.
We're small, friendly, and believe in building positive relationships with your customers.  As a result, you get paid quickly and reliably so you can get on with growing your business.

We can help you:
get paid sooner
reduce your cost of employment
reduce exposure to bad debts
reduce customer disputes
focus on growing the business
handle customers sensitively

The services include:
credit management and control
credit reports
debt recovery
advice about taking legal action

To protect your profits or for a free credit health check call 01625 878198 or [email protected]

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