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Aromatherapy is the therapy via scent (partially).  Smell is often the first scent that a baby uses and is able to identify its parent by it, before they are able to visually recognise them..  We each have our own unique odour and sometimes we can sense being ill by any changes.

Many people will already have memories triggered by certain scents.  This is because the receptors for scent are not in our noses, but in our brains. A scent will travel up the 'Olfactory Nerve' within the nose, where it then registers in the brain.  If there is a memory association this is where it is registered. 

Aromatherapy is an ancient form of helping the body and its roots can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians.  Over the years processes have become more refined and more has been learnt about the properties and benefits of the oils of the plants used. 

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, highly concentrated elements of a plant (the petals, leaves, bark or root) these can then be used individually or mixed to create a specific ‘blend’.

Many people may think that visiting me for aromatherapy will be something new, however many people use aromatherapy often when they have a cold.  People often use a vapour rub, lozenges and or scented oils at this time.  Consequently using oils for other time of the year/of your life is not such a huge step.

Due to the intensity of the oils, often very little needs to be used to see results.

Aromatherapy can be used in several different ways as

- a scent in a room or near a person

- to be absorbed by the skin via massage, or a bath

People can look for specific blends for a certain problem, or people can book a personal consultation for me to create a specific blend for them and what they would like help/support with.  This is the ideal, as often when treating people for some conditions, of the many ‘standard blends’ they do not feel any affinity with them, and so we create one that is ideal for them.

As with all ‘treatments’ you need to give aromatherapy time to work.  When I was treating a client with horrible cold symptoms via aromatherapy, he only took the treatment once or twice (it was suggested that it was needed several times a day) and said it did not work.  I highlighted that as with all ways to try to ease a cold, it takes time and consistency.  I asked if he had only taken 2 tablets from a course of antibiotics, would have expected them to work within a day or two?  He started taking the treatment regularly, and he did find his symptoms ease.

How can I help you?

- A selection of pre-made blends and products are available to purchase, please see the relevant pages.

- As you will see from the associated pages there are many blends available for many times and situations of life and for all the year around.  The blends and gift sets have been very popular and have been very much enjoyed by the purchasers and recipients.

- The blends pre-made or specifically made, can be used via scent or added to ‘base’ or ‘carrier’ oils to be used with massage, the bath and so on.

- I offer a personal consultation.  This is a time to talk though your needs and to make a blend that works for you at this time.  As your physical and mental needs change so will a specific blend combination. 

- I offer aromatherapy massage sessions.  This is a gentle massage using a blend of oils that suits your physical and mental needs at this time.  .

I can offer an appointment in your home in the , , area.  Other areas may be possible please contact me for details.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful therapy.  It can be used at almost any time, any place by almost anyone!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keywords: Aromatherapy

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