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By: Designs On U  08/09/2010
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Many people think that embroidery is expensive when compared to printing and opt for perhaps what might not be the ideal solution in corporate branding. This is a misconception as embroidery can be done in up to 12 colours without setups for screens and up to 6 at a time and more can be embroidered making it very cost effective. Where print has an advantage is in single colour
printing on volume runs and over large surface areas but it will never have the same appeal as a good embroidery design. Embroidery provides for a more luxurious look to a logo over print and generally lasts longer at the same time the overall appearance is lifted where print is flat

Designs On U employ the latest E45 design studio Wilcom software for embroidery digitising proven technology and recognised as the best digitising software available for all round performance and applications. Designs On U have been professionaly trained by Wilcom so that You can be assured of a good combination opf knowledge and experience wehn digitising your designs of logo

The first step is to take good quality artwork in the form of a logo or a design and make it suitable for embroidery by creating a stitch data file which can be read by the computerised embroidery machine.

The type of logo and the application onto different garments poses a challenge for every embroiderer because they all react differently when embroidered, for example knitwear compared to a coverall. Knitwear is stretchy and moves when being embroidered whereas a coverall is generally made up of polyester/cotton blended fabric and is much more stable when being embroidered. So the designer has to take this into account when digitising the customers logo for embroidery.

The embroidery machine is fast and can produce up to 1200 stitches a minute on simple designs with a stable fabric but on fabrics which are less stable the machine speed will be much slower and a special backing may be required as well as compensations in the design. It is important that the text elements within the design are more than 4 mm in height and wherever possible avoid small serif fonts as they do not embroider well when small stitches are involved

Embroidery of waterproof garments are possible but the embroidered area must be resealed after embroidery with a heat seal patch to ensure the garment does not let in water Designs On U reseal all their waterproof garments after embroidery.  Appliqué is used to reduce the number of stitches in a large design or to create a different perspective of the design by using other fabrics. Designs On U use a graphixscan laser to cut appliqué very accurately and this ensure a professional finish to the overall look and feel of the garment.

Embroidery design in usually charged for by others who do not have inhouse acilities and who have to order the designs from digitising houses. Designs On U have their own professionally trained inhouse digitising facilities using Wilcom ES Studio and complimentary graphic illustration software.

The benefit of having our own in house digitising service for our customers s that we will digitise their logo for embroidery free of charge hen they order from us - A service that can save our
customers hundreds of pounds.

Once the design has been tested we always produce a sample of the embroidery design to show the customer and obtain approval for the design. This provides the customer with a clear visual of what the embroidery ook like on their workwear - please bear in mind that certain materials will be very stretchy and the finished look will be different than it would be on a firm non stretch fabric.

We offer our customers technical advice for their application from selecting  suitable garment to creating the embroidery design so give us a call if you eed our help with your application.

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