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By: Arriba Wellness Sale  06/08/2010
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Catherine Connor-Guscott - Arriba! Wellness Coach - Innercalm Limited

Join the 12 week Arriba! Community Weight Loss Challenge -only £39.00 for 12 weeks! and you could win £300*

The Arriba! Community Weight Loss Challenge is a new concept.  It is a 12 week programme which gives you the necessary information to lose weight safely and to maintain that loss.  In addition to that you are entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning £300*, £200* or £100* in cash to reward your efforts.
The 12 week Arriba! Community Weight Loss Challenge is unlike the traditional 'weigh and go' slimming club, we offer so much more for your total wellbeing and look at your weight loss in a holistic way.  The Arriba! Challenge includes:

  • An initial one to one personal appointment and full body scan and analysis.
  • Your own wellness coach to support you at and out of class.
  • Telephone/email support and newsletters.
  • Weekly weight and measure.
  • Nutritional education (topics listed below).
  • Fun and friendships/group support.
  • Weekly prizes and rewards.
  • End of course celebration and certificate.
  • Award of cash prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd prize winners.
Set your goals and imagine yourself at your very best......

Next challenges:

Online Challenge- from 29th July -
contact Catherine for more information

Sale, Cheshire

Day:          Tuesdays from 21st September to 14th December (party night)
Time:        6pm - 7pm
Where:     Living Well Centre, The Avenue Methodist Church, The Avenue, Sale, Cheshire M33 4PL

Places are limited - so please call or email to pre-book your place.

Cannot make the day and time?  - Join our online challenge or the Arriba! Weight Loss Challenge at home.  Email or phone for information.

You can turn up on the night, but as places are limited we recommend that you book you place in advance -  Contace:  Catherine -  07851 662066/ 0161 969 2734 or email [email protected] to book your place and avoid disappointment.

* Prizes based on 30 participants.

So - what exactly is the Arriba! Community Weight Loss Challenge?

The 'Arriba! Community Weight Loss Challenge'
is a revolutionary next concept designed to get people in the community together with a common goal of losing weight and keeping well.  It is unlike the normal 'weight and go' slimming club where you pay every week.

What we do differently is that we charge £39.00 for 12 weeks (or 3 months) and that is all you pay unless you want to buy products.  We take the cost of the venue and marketing from the joining fee and the rest is put into a prize fund (usually at least half of the fee).  This is then divided into three prizes - £300* for the biggest loser (percentage of body fat lost), 2nd prize - £200* second biggest loser and 3rd prize £100* for the biggest percentage centimetre loss (measurements). * The prize fund quoted is based on a class size of 30, if there are less in the class the prize fund will be calculated in the same way but will be proportionate to the number of participants in the class.

We do not make any profit from the joining fee this pays the cost of running the challenge and the rest is given back in the challenge prize fund and weekly prizes.  We sell Herbalife weight loss products at the classes which will assist with better weight loss on the challenge, however, there is no obligation to use these products while on the challenge; you can follow any diet that you wish, however, we have found that those using the Herbalife products do tend to get the best results.

Nutritional talks

On the challenge, we will cover the frollowing topics:

  - Importance of Protein                 
  - Carbohydrates
  - Body composition                       
  - Understanding Food labels
  - Health snacking                          
  - Eating out
  - Metabolism                                 
  - Importance of fibre
  - Good and bad Fats                  
  - Sugar
  - Portion control                           
  - Exercise

As well as the talks we will have quizzes and discussions, plus product sampling and weekly prizes.

Catherine Connor-Guscott
Arriba! Wellness Coach
Innercalm Limited
07851 662066
0161 969 2734
[email protected]

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