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By: UK IT Networks Limited  04/10/2012
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MyInbound from UK IT Networks is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower any business with the perfect customer service whilst giving you new recurring monthly revenue streams. 

UK IT Networks MyInbound platform services need no capital outlay, can be set up on the network in minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use. 

How will my business benefit with MyInbound cloud based platform? 
- MyInbound can be used with any number, anywhere, from any device - available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and accessed through a secure, cloud based, user friendly website that can be accessed from any device. 
- Easy to use - the entire service is designed to be jargon free, intuitive, and enables users to become very productive, very quickly 
- MyInbound is immediate to set up - everything's online and directly feeds into UK IT Networks Tier 1 carriers giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features 
- No capital outlay - MyInbound has no set up costs means that it can be funded out of operational spend, enabling quick decision making and implementation 

MyInbound Network Features 

IVR Auto Attendant - Empowers you to build IVR services on screen using the MyInbound web portal. IVR services can be tailored fully to your requirements, and allow for multi-level menu options to be created easily, with each call leg having all call plan options and network features available. Professional voice recordings can uploaded to the platform straight from a P.C.

Call Queuing - This is a network-based call queuing application, which will hold your calls when destination numbers are found to be busy. This is a remote service deployed from within the UK IT Manager or MyInbound platform, meaning no hardware or software is required on site. This is a true queuing service, where the longest waiting caller is put through next, and offers huge capacity allowing for hundreds or even thousands of calls to be queued simultaneously where required. Calls-inqueue reporting is available through the web portal allowing your business to see live details of your calls waiting. 

Call Recording - is a network-based application which can be activated instantly in seconds. As this service is deployed from within the network, no hardware or software is required on site meaning no installation is required. Fully scalable to any size organisation, large or small, this is the perfect solution for our customers requiring a call recording solution, without incurring a capital expenditure cost. Recordings can either be downloaded from the UK IT Manager or MyInbound web portal, or delivered by email or FTP at the end of each call. Call Recording is available on all inbound numbers (even ported BT landline numbers), and outbound IDA/CPS call traffic. 

Disaster Recovery - all UK IT Networks  MyInbound services have the ability to be re-directed to an alternative DR call plan in the event of a problem. DR call plans can be activated quickly and easily using either the MyInbound web portal or smartphone application. 

Geographic Area Plan - This feature allows your business the ability to route calls to a pre-defined list of destinations based on the physical location of your caller. This is a dynamic way of distributing calls to your nearest branch or store, allowing you to utilise a single central telephone number. Hunt Groups - Incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of destination numbers in sequence until a call is answered or routed to voicemail, allowing for several people or groups to be offered calls in turn. Multiple Hunt Groups can operate at different times or specific days, allowing maximum flexibility. When the 'Round Robin' feature is enabled, the hunt group sequence is re-ordered when each incoming call is received so the same destination number does not always get offered the call first, allowing for an even distribution of calls across the group.  

Time & Day - This feature allows you to route incoming calls to different destination numbers or call plans at different times of the day or days of the week. You can specify your open & closed times, meaning out of hours calls being treated differently, perhaps routed to mobiles or sent to an out of hours voicemail.

Voicemail - A professional voicemail service which when activated will take your messages when calls go unanswered or lines are busy. Voicemail messages can be delivered in any combination of ways, either by email, FTP, and/or accessed through the MyInbound web portal.

Call Whisper - This features allows your business to know who is calling before the call is answered. Whilst the caller hears hold music or ringing, the call handler will be played a one way whisper which only they can hear before the call is connected. This can be any audio you choose to upload to the platform.

Advanced  Stats - This service will enable your marketing department and call centre manager to look in great details at where and how calls are being routed. This enables your business to make targeted marketing campaigns, and ensures you can refine your inbound call handling plan to improve the callers experience.  

Get in Touch

For a no obligation quote on moving your numbers to MyInbound or taking new numbers on the MyInbound platform, speak to one of our friendly sales team by calling: 0844 324 85 85, you can email us: 

or *Text 'myinbound' and your 'company name' to 84555 and we will call you.


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