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By: M-Tech Printers Limited  02/12/2010
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Also known as embedded units, kiosk printers are designed especially for use in unattended terminals or 'kiosks'. Key features include an auto cutter and paper exit guide to allow un-skilled operators (i.e. the general public) to quickly and safely remove the ticket/receipt and a large paper roll to minimise the number of maintenance visits. Applications include information terminals, ATM's car park ticketting, self service receipting, photo booths, public weighscales etc.

Kiosk printing is the most demanding application for miniprinters to endure. Presenting a ticket direct to unskilled operators, such as the general public, is prone to abuse (both accidental and deliberate). To protect the printer against this it is essential that the user cannot touch the ticket until after it has been printed and cut from the source roll. For this reason, an essential feature is an auto cutter to either fully or partially cut the receipt. This prevents the paper from being pulled off the roll which is not only inconvenient but, physically extracting the printout at an angle can cause a paper jam. Further protection can be given if a dispenser or chute is incorporated. This allows a length of paper (generally up to 50mm long) to be printed before it emerges from the slot and becomes vulnerable. For receipts longer than 50mm, or for additional protection, a motorised presenter can be included. This systems drives the receipt out of the printer only after printing has been completed and the cut performed. Longer receipts might benefit from a loop type presenter which can safely retain the print internally before finally dispensing it. For potentially confidential or data sensitive output a retraction facility can be specified to withdraw and internally store the receipt after a preset period if the user forgets to take it from the presenter.

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