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By: M-Tech Printers Limited  02/12/2010
Keywords: barcode scanners, barcode readers

The Argox range of barcode scanners are aimed at entry to mid-level applications. The products utilise a 2048 pixel CCD (Charge Coupled Device), the same technology used in digital cameras. An array of LED's provide the light which is reflected back off the bar code and onto a revolving mirror in the scanner. This directs the light to the CCD which comprises many tiny opto sensors (pixels). CCD scanners are the lowest cost devices for reading barcodes and their few moving parts make them the most robust and reliable choice. Traditionally they have only worked with contact or at relatively short ranges but the innovative Argox design has increased the reading distance up to 600mm making them ideal for retail, point of sale and heavy industrial applications.

The scanners are optimised by depth of field which is a measure of their reading range. There are medium, long and ultra long ranges as well as a couple of cordless scanners. All of the scanners featured can be interfaced by; keyboard wedge, RS-232C or USB. The interface is automatically selected simply by attaching the appropriate cable. They are supplied complete with a Window's software barcode reading utility.

Keywords: barcode readers, barcode scanners

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