Easy Clean, Non-Stick glass treatments

Easy Clean, Non-Stick glass treatments from RS Techniglass Ltd

By: RS Techniglass Ltd  03/11/2009
Keywords: cleaning services, bathrooms, conservatories


Keeps glass looking and performing like new for life

New glass either for windows and conservatories or in showers and bathrooms is normally bright in appearance, easy to see through and easy to clean – promising clarity, visibility and cleanliness.

Ordinary glass breaks its promise when exposed to weathering, surface contamination, chemical attack and physical damage. Staining and discoloration is easily caused by contaminates such as:

·         Lime scale – from hard water and sea salts

·         Unburned hydrocarbons – from car exhausts and lorries

·         Metal oxides – from power lines and railways

·         Silicone run-off -  from glazing sealants

·         Concrete run-off – from construction materials

Weathering and harsh or abrasive cleaning methods cause further surface degradation through chemical attack and physical damage.

Our ClearShield system is the first complete system for renovation, protection and maintenance of glass – new or existing, exterior or interior. This award winning system:

·         Renovates glass stained/discoloured by surface contamination, without harsh or abrasive methods

·         Protects glass by converting it into CLEARSHIELD ‘Non-Stick’, Easy-Clean Glass – a unique and higher quality of glass – chemically inert to most substances – keeping its promise of visibility, clarity and cleanliness

·         Maintains ClearShield glass, keeping it looking and performing like new for life, with a simple and economical after-care programme

RS TechniGlass specially trained technicians carry out the glass renovation and conversion to new glass in the factory or existing glass on site.

The ClearShield system has countless track records in architectural, bathroom, window and conservatory, marine, hotel, licence premises and transportation markets for more than 25 years. RS TechniGlass now bring to the end user this unique system, converting ordinary glass into ClearShield ‘Non-Stick’ Easy Clean Glass , then keeps it that way keeping it looking and performing like new for life.

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