Mental Skills Training

By: Cheshire Golf Studio  26/03/2011
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 If golf is 90% mental, why do you only work on 10% of your game?

So you have read all of the golf psychology books, you know what is takes to have the mindset of a champion, but what steps do YOU need to take to get there? It takes regular, consistent practice of specific mental skills. Although golf psychology books will give you an insight into these mental skills, it takes more than simply reading a book to improve your mental game in the long term. They are certainly not specific to YOUR game. Cheshire Golf Studio understands the importance of having a specific mental skills training programme in place for any level of golfer. We offer a unique service for any golfer looking to improve their mental game and you do not even have to visit the studio.

The Mental Skills Training Programme

What does the Programme entail?

1. On registration to the programme, you will be sent a sport psychology questionnaire on the following subjects: Anxiety Imagery Fear of Failure Confidence Self-Talk Concentration Coping with stress Motivation Selective Attention Arousal Control

2. You will be required to fill in this survey as accurately as possible

3. You will also be required to discuss any competitive reflections in the various areas. For example, is there a specific time during a round when you lose your concentration? Or feel anxious?

4. You will then have to return all of this information to the Cheshire Golf Studio

5. We will write you a specific Mental Skills Training Programme. This will include: Discussion on areas you need to improve Mental skills interventions that you can use in competition Mental skills drills that you can use off the course to improve your on course performance Interventions that you can use for tournament preparation Description of how often and for how long you should practice these skills

6. Six month follow up - We understand the importance of continuous and sustainable mental skill improvement. For this reason we contact every student after six months to see how they have been getting on with their skills training and how the training programme can be modified to adapt to the student’s ever changing needs.

Keywords: Golf Lessons

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