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By: Cheshire Golf Studio  26/03/2011
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 You have a single figure handicap, you feel your game has hit a brick wall, but you want that extra 5% improvement. What can you do?

Although we strongly recommend our coaching, psychology and golf fitness packages, there are some other services we offer that could help make the difference between winning and second place.

Iron Distance Checks
"The secret to good golf is always being pin high"(Tiger Woods) As an elite player, you should know how far you hit each club, TO THE YARD. If you don’t, you are missing out on a lot of short birdie putts, and your bad shots are probably finishing in various hazards that you could be avoiding. The Flightscope radar system that we have at the studio will tell you how far you are hitting each club to the nearest yard This will be calculated by taking the average distance of 5 shots with each club (carry and total distance)

Iron Loft Checks

After checking your iron distances, it may be noticeable that the distance gaps between clubs are not equal. This may be because the lofts of your clubs have changed over time. 1° of movement can lead to a 3 yard change in the distance a ball goes. This can be the difference between hitting your approach shot stone dead and having a 9 foot birdie putt!

Periodised training programme

Periodisation is an organised division of the training year in order to achieve three goals: Prepare a golfer to achieve an accelerated improvement of performance Prepare a golfer for the most important events in a competition season Obtain better results from the available practice time throughout the training year When writing a training programme for a golfer, the following points must be covered:

The golfer’s current lifestyle – how can we fit a training programme around your work, school or other commitments

The golfer’s competition calendar – Which events are high, medium and low priority for you this year?
Which areas of your game should you be working on at what point in the year: swing mechanics, short game, course practice?

What golf fitness work should you be doing at different times of the year? Cardio, strength and flexibility training?

Which mental game drills should you be using and when?

How should you divide your practice time at different times of the year?
In the winter, how much time should I spend in the gym and how long on the range?

By enrolling on a periodised training programme with the Cheshire Golf Studio, you will be given a precise structure of what you should be working on and when.

What we require from you:

- Details about your low, medium and high priority competitions
- How many hours practice are you able to devote every week?
- Your current strengths and weaknesses

Keywords: Golf Lessons

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