Hydraulic Forging Hammer for Die Forging

Hydraulic Forging Hammer for Die Forging from CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

By: CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer  29/12/2010
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 Anyang CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer Features:

1. Hit energy and working procedures are intelligent controlled. Hit energy are precisely digital controlled; Working procedures are programmable for different forging pieces through touch screen, the working procedures can be saved up in the system and ready to use on requirements.

2. High precision forgings: The material of hammer body is adopte "U" type whole piece castings, large rigidity, coupled with special "X" type guide rail, which ensures the space between tup and guide rail controlled within 0.2mm, thus making it possible for precision close die forgings and providing the conditions for all kinds of forgings at minimum machining in future.

3. High hit frequency:  Due to short stroke of this hammer, and lower chamerber always connectes with the accumulator, the system pressure is high, so the hit frequency is more than doubled than the conventional electro hydraulic close die forging hammer, thus improves the production efficiency.

4. Increase the working life of machine and die: The extra hit energy occurs in forging process is not only largely consumed and wasted and occurs noise, but also greatly affects the life of machine and die due to the absorption of extra energy. Numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer can precisely control the hit energy, greatly increase the working life of machine and die, well controls the noise too.

5. High material utilization rate

6. Stable and equality of forging quality.

7. Eject system

8. Easy to realize automated production line

9. Environmental protection

Anyang CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer Advantages:
(1). The hit control system is adopted precise control system, which makes the high precision of hit energy control is avaliable.

(2).The operation for the tup slow up and slow down is very convenient, change die is more safe, convenient and fast.Due to the hydraulic system is set special release oil valve, so it can realize the tup slow up and slow down at any moment without release the pressure in the hydraulic system, which makes the installation and adjustment of dies are very safe, convenient and fast.

(3). Special connecting structure of large valve block and oil tank, making the large valve block to maximize the maintenance-free.

(4). The buffer structure of tup is adopted outreach structure, which overcomes the problems of the unreliable inside welding structure.

(5). The accumulator is adopted low level installation, reduced the height of the machine.

(6). The safety of hit valve system is fully guaranteed Due to both of the two control ends of hit valve are equipped with buffer device, so such dangerous case will not happen for the hit valve core collides the valve cover leads to the bolt crack caused by the control system has problems.

(7). Special bolt anti-loosen device enables the system to strengthen vibration resistance, higher security. The bolt anti-loosen device is adopted imported locking washers, preventing the bolts loose.

(8).Reliable hammer rod sealing.

(9). Reliable safety device of lower sealing.

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