2-Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier/Transformer Oil Filter/Used Switch Oil Recycling Machine

By: Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacturer Ltd.  20/08/2009
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The machine is designed to treat all kinds of insulating oil, like transformer oil, switch oil, mutual inductor oil etc. and the machine is specially effective to serve for large sized power supply equipment above 110 KV & altitude 500 meters.

1. High vacuum value & great absorption speed
2. Duplex 3 D Stereo-Evaporation of Japan to dewater & degas highly effective
3. Trace Water Solving Technology to remove the trace water completely
 4. Vacuum oiling & drying
5. Double Infrared Liquid Level Automatic Control System to realize the real separation of human being and machine
6. Flange Immersion Carbon Fibre Infrared Heater to make up of a safe and reliable heating system

Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, the series of machine dewaters, degases and removes the impurities more quickly and more completely. Meanwhile, it increases the oil’s voltage-withstand value up to a new level. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system, it is used for filtrating system as well as an independent vacuum power supply for vacuum oiling of electric insulating equipment.

Technical Data:

Model: ZYD-30, ZYD-50, ZYD-100, ZYD-150, ZYD-200, ZYD-250, ZYD-300
Flow Rate (L/m): 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
Vacuum Degree (Mpa): -0.08~-0.099
Working Pressure (Mpa):  not more than 0.3
Breakdown Voltage (KV): not less than 65
Water Content (PPM):  not more than 5
Gas Content (%):  not more than 0.1
Impurity Size (Micrometer): 1~5 (Without free carbon)
Continuous Working Time (Hour): 150  

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