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By: Rangecookers.co.uk  11/05/2009
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AVAILABLE to ORDER SOON. Like many people, we were not really aware of the Gorenje brand until recently. Something of a dark horse in the UK appliance market, this established brand’s technical competence and exceptional design-integrity is now an open secret that has quickly brought us round to their way of thinking. Their designer Pininfarina and Ora-Ito series are impressive on all fronts (see our previous article ), but Gorenje have now added the Pure line of built-in appliances to their catalogue, and it certainly makes impressive reading. As usual with Gorenje, prices seem remarkably reasonable for this kind of quality, and reflect the brand’s keenness to make an impression on the UK market, and their industry-leading 5 year warranty backs this up admirably.

Pure styling is sleek and modern without being as self-conscious as the designer series, and we really like the simple lines and the elegant use of the stainless steel surfaces. The elegant design does not stop there, but continues into a clear and simple DirecTOUCH touch control panel (BO 877 AX and BO 8776 AB models), where the bold graphical approach looks great and is simple to use.

Pure built-in uses simple lines to great effect

Gorenje have done their homework and realised that the heat-distribution advantages offered by the vaulted interior of a traditional bread oven can be harnessed and applied to a built-in oven. Consequently, the interiors of their single ovens emulate this arched shape as a feature they call HomeMADE, which should make a real difference to your baking. To see this and other features in action visit Gorenje’s website by .

Other features include:
Large Oven Cavities - 60 litres, the biggest on the market. Good for a 7Kg turkey.
A-class Energy Rating - despite their size, ovens are still highly efficient.
FastPreHeat - 200° in 6 Minutes.
Meat Probe - On selected models, this allows you to directly monitor your roast.
EcoClean Enamel - Tough, impermeable and heat-efficient
AquaClean - Steam-clean you oven!
Telescopic Shelves - Safer and more convenient.
XXL Baking Tray - 5cm deep EcoClean tray
CoolDoors and UltraCoolDoors - For safety and comfort. UCD models are triple-glazed.

Gorenje will look great throughout your kitchen

The Pure range includes all the usual built-in and built-under formats, and extends into compact Combi or conventional Microwaves, Steam Ovens and Warming Drawers. There is even a decor panel to conceal and enhance your existing microwave or dishwasher. Gorenje’s renowned range of hobs, hoods and refrigeration allows you to give your kitchen a complete Gorenje make-over.

Steamer Set - for single ovens, this large cavity allows you to use your oven as a large steamer, with all the flavour and health benefits,
Professional Grill Pan Set - a high-tech silicon-coated aluminium griddle that heats up exceptionally fast, allowing you to get the most from your grill.
Glass Baking Pan - great visibility of your food, and serve straight to the table.
Pizza Set - a pizza stone, wooden baker’s peel and pizza cutter for the perfect pizza experience.

What we think: Gorenje deserve to do very well in the UK market, and the Pure range will appeal to those looking for something different but beautifully detailed, competent and reliable. The 5 year warranty says it all, really.

Models in the Pure range:

BD 2135 AX Built-in multifunction double oven
BDU 2135 AX Built-under multifunction double oven

BD 2116 AX Built-in fanned double oven
BDU 2116 AX Built-under fanned double oven

BO 8776 AX Stainless Steel Built-in multifunction single oven with touch control
BO 8776 AB Black Built-in multifunction single oven with touch control

BO 7476 AX Stainless Steel Built-in multifunction single oven
BO 7476 AB Black Built-in multifunction single oven
BO 7376 AX Stainless Steel Built-in multifunction single oven

BO 4375 AX Stainless Steel Built-in fanned single oven
BO 4375 AW White Built-in fanned single oven

BOC 5322 AX Combination microwave oven
BOC 6322 AX Combination steam oven
BM 2120 AX Built-in microwave oven
BWD 1102 AX Warming drawer
DFM 46 PAX Microwave decor panel
DFD 72 PAX Dishwasher decor panel

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