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By:  09/03/2009
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Prestigious Italian brand Bertazzoni know a thing or two about quality of presentation, and their new advertising campaign is typically bold and imaginative. Their first UK-based campaign, the ads feature their in-house chef Mark Baumann in a variety of imaginative ingredient-seeking settings, with the strap-line “The lengths people will go to cook on a Bertazzoni”. The ads are initially appearing in Period House, Essential Kitchens Bathrooms and Bedrooms, and Utopia magazines.

Celebrating this high-quality cooking brand is perfectly understandable, and will hopefully bring Bertazzoni’s undoubted benefits to the attention of those who were previously unaware of them. Available in 36 and 48 inch widths, Bertazzoni found themselves very popular in the US market before bringing the product to the UK. Authentically Italian, the historic company manufactures its ranges, hoods and splashbacks in Guastalla, close to Parma, to a very high standard, and they are even painted in the nearby plant where Ferrari paint their equally desirable cars.

Bertazzoni chef Mark Baumann indulges his culinary passions

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Keywords: cooker, cookers, range cooker, range cookers