By: PIPELINE-UK LTD  24/10/2013

Discover the range of PIPELINE Electronic Cigarettes. The Electronic Cigarettes: - Do not give off second hand smoke - Do not leave you smelling like an ashtray - Create no fire hazard - Are much cheaper than smoking tobacco - Do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide & carbon monoxide How does an Electronic Cigarette work? PIPELINE e-cigarettes heat a flavoured e-Liquid to vapour which is inhaled. The experience simulates "normal" smoking, and when the right vaping technique is used there is an abundant amount of vapour produced. PIPELINE FUEL e-Liquid is exceptional quality and comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours from tobacco, menthol, fruit and sweet flavours. Our e-Liquid is made in Germany. Pipeline-store.co.uk sells eCigarettes for new or experienced vapers to buy. Our products are excellent quality and we have a wide range of accessories including PIPELINE FUEL e-Liquid. So if you are looking for an ecig starter kit or a replacement battery, atomizer, drip tips, Vision 2.0 clearomizer, Evod or coil heads you can find them here at PIPELINE UK along with high quality customer service. We are always testing new products and only bring to you the best quality Electronic Cigarettes and accessories in our range that really convince us that they are the best!