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By: Databroker  21/04/2011
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Databroker have partnered with some of the most experienced and well thought of individuals in the industry to provide you with a series of guest blogs on a wide range of marketing topics. 

Today we are very lucky to have the insights from Donna McNicholas, B2B sales manager at and digital marketing guru!  We hope you enjoy Donna’s post, we are certainly going to be evaluating how we manage new subscribers after reading her thoughts.  As always please let us know your comments and if you have any questions for Donna or Databroker just let us know.

Driving response from new subscribers

I hear a lot of people moaning that the new subscribers to their newsletters are not clicking and are not active.

When I ask them what the time difference is between sign up and the first email going out, amazingly in some cases it can be almost a month, as people make their hard earned and expensively obtained (from PPC) new contacts, wait for the next monthly newsletter. Not only this, but the majority of newsletters aren’t targeted – and more often than not have inspiring titles such as ‘November Newsletter’, or wait for it, ‘ December Newsletter’!

The companies who are boasting the highest results send out triggered and automated campaigns as soon as a person subscribes, and even better than that, when they are actually expecting the email!

The greatest thing about this, is the effort is minimal.  You simply need to use the usual content from your main newsletters, cut it up into bite size thought-provoking chunks, and put the rest of the content into Landing Pages.

The result is, you have a high performing email campaign and all of a sudden you’ll be smashing through your previous click through rates! In some instances the click through rate has gone from less than 1% to over 80%.

And even better than this is the fact that the person who wanted more information on your company actually gets what they want and what you promised them when they signed up to receive updates from you!

Donna has been working within the email marketing field since 2004 and is well versed in everything digital marketing, from websites, PPC, email marketing and list building. Donna is the B2B sales manager at CommuniGator, a market leading ESP which specialises in CRM integrated enterprise email marketing platforms. Full information including how to contact Donna directly can be found at

Keywords: email marketing, email marketing lists, emails

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