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By: Biesty Carpets  20/05/2011
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“Support your local independents” is a phrase we hear more and more often.  But should we really be taking any notice?  Can the independents compete with the price discounts of the massive super stores?  Can the service of a tiny little local company compare to that of a giant corporation?

Yes, yes, and definitely YES are the answers!

Firstly we need to remember that local shops are our shops, they belong to our community.  They make where we live a better place to be.  In return, we have a responsibility to them.  Our business makes the difference between their success and failure.

A thriving local shopping, trade and business community benefits us all.  From having local amenities right on our doorstep, access to a diverse range of products and services and best of all; the real expertise and knowledge of crafts and tradesmen with years of hard earned experience. 

All of this makes Altrincham and its surrounding areas a wonderful and attractive place to live and work.
Sure, the big superstores can be convenient and do provide a decent service.  But when it comes to expert advice and individual service they cannot and do not compare. 

They do not have the same knowhow of an independent tradesman who has been perfecting his or her craft for years.  They do not have the same passion of an independent retailer who is following their dream.

Just think of the shopping guru, Mary Portas and her recent televised campaign to save the high street and shop locally – Portas sees the importance and benefits of a local expert.  And I for one would not dare to disagree with the Queen of Shops herself!

We can all get sucked in by the massive “discounts” offered by the superstores, but these offers are usually smoke and mirror marketing tactics.  Somewhere along the line you will be paying for the “convenience” of the superstore.  Your local independent does not have the overheads of massive multi stores.  Your custom is of far higher value and you are not paying for multi billon profits announced on the stockmarkets. Local is cheaper, better value and provides a better service.

So in short keep it close to home, keep it local, keep it ours.

And, needless to say: If you need – speak to for your free quote and expert consultation!

Keywords: Carpets, Free Carpet Fitting, wood flooring

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