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CoGri Joint Stabiliser from Cg Flooring Systems

By: Cg Flooring Systems  19/07/2011
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The CoGri Group has acquired exclusive European distribution rights for the patented SD7 Joint Saver, which will be marketed as the and managed by . The CoGri Joint Stabiliser is a permanent solution to restoring positive load transfer at joints which saves costs on floor maintenance as well as improving operational efficiency.

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser (CJS) is a fast, cost-effective method for the . CJS is a split aluminium cylinder (3” diameter, 7” long) containing a screw and wedge torque mechanism. When inserted between two concrete slabs and expanded the pressure provides the interlock needed to restore load transfer and virtually eliminates harmful concrete slab movement. The spring-like mechanism allows it to expand and contract with the concrete slab as it undergoes normal slab movement due to temperature changes. This gives users year after year of superior performance. CJS comes in different sizes, 200mm, 175mm and 150mm depending on the slab depths.

Restoring positive load transfer at floor joints,
CJS is a quick, clean and easy cost effective solution,
Minimal disruption to the clients operation,
Once installed the floor can be used immediately,
CJS is less disruptive and requires less warehouse downtime than other methods.

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