Portable Filtration unit for Extracting the Harmful Nail dust & Fumes from your work station/ desk..

Portable Filtration unit for Extracting the Harmful Nail dust & Fumes from your work station/ desk.. from Castlepoint Tanning

By: Castlepoint Tanning  29/01/2011
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A much-anticipated portable Nail extraction fan/ unit that actually filters the Harmful clouds of nail dust and absorbes the fumes from our products we use, has finally been created for nail technicians.

The beauty of producing fantastic nails is very popular, but along with this mastered technique comes the prolonged breathing of dangerous dust and fumes that makes the application very uncomfortable for both client and technician.

Feeling nausea, eyes stinging, headaches, dizzyness and throats burning are just a few common symptoms we suffer in our normal day to day working environment... this is very unhealthy for an enjoyable, growing industry, causing long term medical conditions and this needs to change!

Thankfully, a compact powerful nail extractor fan/ unit has been designed so the atmosphere is a more comfortable place to work and being portable is suited for both- salon & mobile technician users. Sitting on your work station/ table or desk, at the side- in between client and technicians working area, makes this extractor unit perfect for all. You can take this anywhere to maintain indoor air quality/ ventilation.

Undergone huge tests to meet the needs of todays application of nail enhancements and looking after nails in general, this extraction unit has been designed and tested to very high standards, and built with the Specifications that no other compact "portable nail dust & fume filtration unit", can compete against. Technicians should place this extractor on their working desk for excellent air ventilation. Can also be used for pedicures, just place it next to your working area, (I put it on a small stool next to me).

Filter Cartridges require no special skills or tools to replace and are of the highest quality and thickness and can be purchased seperately when needed.

If you are investing in a portable nail extractor, including the nail stations built in version-  then find out the Spec and compare with this model before you purchase, you will be extremely surprised at the difference of filtration. Find out the m3 your extractor will filter... (m3=meters cubed, the higher the m3 the better it filters).

Many so called nail extractors do not even state the spec on their write up's as the power is very poor, and most are just fans that blow the dust around in your working atmosphere. You would benefit looking into what you are buying!

The latest research from the USA has found that nail station workers are 40% more likely to get asthma than any other people.The nail dust is very harmful to nasel passages and the lungs. The eyes are also affected by the dangerous nail dust because it floats around in the atmosphere hours after treatment and this can cause lacerations on the eye where the nail dust is dragged across the eye when blinking. Wearing a mask helps protect you when you are doing nail treatments, but we remove the masks when treatment has finished and the harmful dust is still in our breathing atmosphere hours afterwards, we cant see this dust. A portable nail station extractor unit will minimise the risks.

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