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 Venue Search - Find Various Venues
                        Meet with you at three short listed venues
                        Provide you with a detailed report.

Supplier Search - Find various suppliers from the same catagory.
                          Meet with you & the Suppliers.
                          Provide you with a detailed report.

Invitation Management - 
                         0 to 49 guests - £40.00 
                        50 to 99 guests - £65.00 
                        100 to 149 guests - £90.00 
                        150+ guests - £115.00

Speech Coaching -  Having trained in & taught Performing Arts I am able to offer speech coaching to include: Help speech maker to develop & build confidence to deliver their speech on the day, NERVE FREE! Help with writing speech.

Renewal of Vows 

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Other products and services from W.O.W Arrangements


Single 3 hour consultaton

Explore what you expect on the day. Create a timetable for you to work to. Advise on where to go


Full Coordination

Consultation exploring ideas, budget & the best way of allocating resources Venues, Source Suppliers & Liase with Vendors Create a


Wedding Producer

 Planning a wedding is not easy, an average wedding takes around 150 hours to full plan and for most couples it's


On The Day Coordination

Not everyone wants someone standing over their shoulder whilst they are planning what is one of the biggest days of thier lives, thats why at W.O.W Arrangements we strongly beleive in Customer Satisfaction, and have Tremendous Customer Service skills to get you What you want, How you want and When you want, contact us today for your Free Consultation!

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Wonderfully Organised Wedding Arrangements (W.O.W Arrangements)

To summerise  W.O.W Arrangements specialise in coordinating professionally arranged weddings both rapidly and efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction at all times.