The Professional Kitchen: Jamie Oliver

The Professional Kitchen: Jamie Oliver from Whipped Cream Direct

By: Whipped Cream Direct  06/06/2012
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It seems quite hard to believe that Jamie Oliver is still only in his mid thirties.  Having first appeared on TV way back in 1997 in The Naked Chef, it seems like he’s been around forever.  Many chefs would be quite content having had a TV show and cooked dinner for the prime minister by the age of 22, but Oliver’s intense work ethic has continued, and he’s been featured on everything from The Friday Night Project to South Park.  Quite a career, indeed!

Having been raised in Clavering Essex, it’s unsurprising that Oliver actually grew up in a pub, meaning that he was able to spend his formative years practising in the pub’s kitchen.  Taking his first job as a pastry chef at the Neal’s Yard restaurant (his first experience at dealing with Italian food, which would later become his specialty), he later moved on to become a sous chef at the River Café, Fulham.

It was in this role that he was first spotted, appearing in the BBC documentary ‘Christmas at the River Café’.  Young, good-looking and charming, the Beeb’s executives heard the tills ring, and within a year Oliver was presenting ‘The Naked Chef’, and housewives around the UK were glued to the set.

To his credit, Oliver’s success actually came just as much from his genuine skill as his cheeky-boy charm, and he had a knack for offering real recipes that could be conjured up by those with less than four hours to cook and less than fifty quid to spend on ingredients.  Many of them actually almost approached microwave level, but not quite.  He was, essentially, the everyman chef.

For a good three years, Oliver was the poster boy of the cooking world.  However, one simply campaign rather changed the public’s view.  One word: Sainsbury’s.  Whilst the add campaign was actually done in a good cause (Oliver has long since promoted healthy eating amongst young people), his constant presence led to some rather scathing attacks in the tabloids.

Now in his 35 year, Oliver has become somewhat of an elder statesman, with a history of more TV programs than many people would manage in a lifetime, and millions in accumulated wealth. All this before forty.  The boy done good, as they say.

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