Gorgeous new friendship bracelets just arrived instore

Gorgeous new friendship bracelets just arrived instore from Reba

By: Reba  17/05/2011
Keywords: fashion jewellery, designer jewellery, Jewellery Accessories

You don’t have to open many glossy magazines to know that friendship bracelets are a hot item this Spring !

Whether its because we all remember them the first time around, or in these topsy turvy times, the idea behind them resonates with us, or just because they’re pretty and inexpensive – You have to admit that they’re a fashion staple.

New bracelets from the One Wish collection have just arrived instore.  One Wish is our rather lovely take on the traditional friendship bracelet.  Updated and modernised for a grown up wearer.  
Wear just one to co-ordinate or contrast with your outfit, or pile them up for maximum effect.

One Wish, only use sterling silver in their beads and components, so these little beauties will stay looking good for ages…. (hopefully for long enough for your wish to come true)

The idea behind this lovely collection is that when you put your bracelet on you make a wish, and think about your wish coming true each time you notice your bracelet during the day… (or night too I guess if you’re a night owl) You can even rub your bracelet to add extra energy to your wish…!

When your bracelet wears off, your wish may come true…  

Ok, so no promises you’ll win the lottery, or the recession will end tomorrow, but this collection is a cute one.  It’s been flying out of the door, so we know that Peterborough has some lovely people rubbing their bracelets as we send this…

What will you wish for…?

Keywords: designer jewellery, fashion jewellery, Funky Jewellery, Jewellery Accessories

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