Business Coaching

By: Mindstrong Ltd  18/11/2010
Keywords: coaching, business coaching, executive coaching

Mindstrong Ltd is a business coaching company offering the very latest in coaching and mentoring initiatives.  All of our coaching interventions focus on delivering real and measurable business results for your business, so that you see the results where it counts; on the bottom line.
We offer a range of coaching interventions, including;
Business Coaching - Focussing on strategy and the execution of that strategy, our business coaches support your leaders and teams to define and achieve their individual goals in alignment with the overall goals of the organization.  Through the acceleration in levels of accountability and engagement our coaches drive world-class leadership and high-performing teams to achieve business success. Leadership Coaching - Our business coaches provide your leaders with an objective third-party, who will act as both a sounding board, but more importantly; as a brutally honest advisor and mentor.  With a focus on the communication and delivery of company goals and strategy, your leaders will learn that they too must be held accountable and how to inspire their team to success and give them the desire to succeed. Team Coaching - Our business coaches will work with your teams to focus on clarity.  They will help your teams to understand what the goals are, how they will be achieved and the importance of their role as a team in achieving these. They also ensure clarity as to the individual role of each member within that team, ensuring they understand what team success looks like and what their part is in achieving it.  One to One Coaching - Our business coaches will work with individuals in a confidential environment to achieve agreed-to organizational and individual needs.  This style of coaching is about reaching your full potential professionally, but may also address overlapping personal issues.  Our coaches conform to the EMCC Code of Ethics. Peer to Peer Mentoring Programmes - These programmes tap into the very latest coaching and mentoring initiatives.  Adopting the basic principles of any mentoring programme, Peer to Peer Mentoring is broader in its approach and therefore also in its benefits.  The programme involves the careful matching of individuals from two non-competing organizations.  Those individuals then embark on a mentoring programme, in which they will act as both mentor and mentee.  This is beneficial firstly because there is an equal power balance, allowing for a greater free-flow of information.  Secondly, working with an individual from another organization, (rather than an in-house partnership) allows participants access; to a more objective and non-consequential environment; to cross-industry best practice; and to additional networking opportunities. Coaching and Mentoring Consultancy Service - Many businesses would like to introduce a "coaching culture" into their organization but their middle and senior managers lack the skill or the will needed to pursue this.  Our business coaches will give you the support and tools you need to train managers as coaches and mentors and help you in setting-up in-house coaching and mentoring programmes.  Mindstrong has a diverse faculty of coaches with experience and expertise in various functions and industries. Experiential Learning Events - These events can be run as either a stand-alone, team-building exercise or alongside any of our other coaching interventions.  Length, location and content of event will be dependent on your particular requirements and desired outcomes.  Our business coaches have facilitated a broad range of indoor and outdoor experiential learning events, ranging from 3-day outdoor challenges involving orienteering, cycling and power-boat racing to half-day indoor-based business simulations, whereby teams compete to build the most successful business. Staff Survey - Mindstrong's Staff Survey is designed to help your organization sharpen its focus and execute its most important goals.  The questions focus on the clarity of your strategy, the level of leadership displayed, the performance of the team, the level of focus and accountability and the potential of all your people.  The survey can be used either solely as a tool to indicate where intervention may be required, as a pre and post measurement tool to evaluate the success of a particular intervention, or as an ongoing assessment tool.

Keywords: business coaching, coaching, executive coaching, Leadership Development, organisational performance, teamwork