By: Julie Butler Psychotherapy  09/05/2011
Keywords: health, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy

Psychotherapy (Psychodynamic, Person Centred, CBT, Gestalt, NLP)

SOCIAL & STRESS- Relationships, Family Life, Work Life, Coping with Teenagers, Coping with Children, Anti social behaviour, Shyness, Socializing nerves, Moving to a new area, Counselling FOR teenagers, Exam Stress, Stress in the work place

PSYCHOLOGICAL & THE PAST- Bad experiences, Loss, Trauma, Post traumatic Stress, Bereavement, Abuse (domestic, sexual, emotional)

EMOTIONS FEELINGS & THOUGHTS- General Feeling of un ease, Sadness / Low Mood, Stress, Self Esteem, Confidence, Post Natal Depression, Anxiety or Nervousness, Panic & Panic attacks, Depression, Anger, Suicide, Obsessive thoughts and behaviour, Confusion 

PERSONAL CONCERNS- Life Coaching, Physical Health, Life Style, Future Direction, Nutrition/Weight loss, Emotional Eating, Habits, OCD, Self Harm, Behaviours  

SPIRITUAL AREAS OF LIFE- Spirituality, Inner wellbeing, Dream work/analysis , Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts

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