Workplace Recovery

Workplace Recovery from DSM - BUSINESS CONTINUITY

Keywords: disaster recovery, business continuity, Workplace Recovery

 DSM has seven Workplace Recovery Suites of various sizes and configurations. Suite sizes range from 18 to 474 positions. Overall DSM's facility can seat in excess of 750 persons. A number of meeting rooms, an 18 seat executive board room and a conference suite add to the ease in which business can continue during any unforeseen interruption.

The carefully designed and laid out facility has a comfortable and spacious environment. Air conditioned throughout, user desk space is generous and uncompromised against the number of positions. Rest areas (including 3 kitchens with Tea/Coffee & Microwave etc) are numerous. The facility also has a ‘leisure’ area with gymnasium equipment.

Both Computing and Telephony can be totally and physically integrated or segregated between Suites by means of each having, as standard, its own Data and Voice Switches.

A number of 'standard' offerings make for ease of selecting a starting point for a BC agreement. These are normally tailored to give an end solution that is appropriate for the client requirements ie: number of external telephone lines, data connectivity, 24*7 operation etc.

Keywords: business continuity, disaster recovery, Workplace Recovery



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