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Disaster Recovery from DSM - BUSINESS CONTINUITY

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In a disaster the majority of businesses require seats and facilities for key staff. What are key staff? A 'rule of thumb' is that circa 30% of people with PC access will require a seat, rising to 100% of people in a call centre type environment.

A seat in a building on its own is of little use. Telephone switchboard facilities are key. Even the smallest of businesses cannot survive without these - at peak times a switchboard in a professional firm such as a Solicitors or Accountants may be handling the equivalent of hundreds of calls per hour.

Happily our facility can accommodate multiple switchboards, even within a client business. Each suite can be completely physically segregated with its own telephone system. Systems can also be integrated over suites.

Accommodation at DSM can run to over 700 desktops, each with:

* Telephone
* PC
* Internet Access
* Headsets (option)
* Application 'popping (option)
* Voicemail
* Auto attendant, telephone queue management (options)

Call centre environments can quickly be recreated at invocation, enabling you to continue critical aspects of your business. We can assist with rapid telephone diversion, email re-routing and facilities - critical to survival, communication and demonstrating that you're clearly 'on top' of any disaster situation.

Our skilled engineers can quickly roll-out desktop images. These combined with pre-prepared telephone and seat layouts mean that Hunt Groups and Call Centres can be recreated as per your day-to day business.

Of course we offer

* Ship-to-site services
* Engineering support
* Server hosting
* Offsite backup
* Citrix
* Server replication
* Comms and data networking
* Firewall Proxy Server & security services

All the facilities you need for a secure resilient business PLUS those you'll require in a disaster.

The centre is:

* Air-conditioned throughout
* Housed in a seucre gated compound
* Has programmable proximity card access - for security & flexibility
* Protected by gate monitoring and phone control
* Protected by 24x7x365 camera monitoring:
* - outside - including infrared at night
* - all entrances, exits & common areas
* - offsite image storage
* - web access to cameras available

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