Tree consultants, arboricultural consultants, Dr. Frank Hope

Tree consultants, arboricultural consultants, Dr. Frank Hope from Dr. Frank Hope

By: Dr. Frank Hope  17/10/2009
Keywords: Risk Assessment, Tree, tree care

Tree consultant. Arboricultural consultant.  Dr. Frank Hope is
one of the most highly experienced and qualified tree consultants.

Dr. Hope is a highly respected tree specialist.

Dr. Hope produces professional, high quality reports on all aspects of tree management and arboriculture. He has been a tree consultant - arboricultural consultant for over 25 years, and has an extremely deep knowledge of the subject.

Dr. Hope produces reports on development projects, which are fully compliant with British Standard 5837 (BS5837).

Dr. Hope acts as an expert witness in legal cases, working for both Claimants and Defendants. He has experience as a joint independent expert witness, and regularly gives evidence in court. He also gives evidence at planning appeals, and mediation.

Dr. Hope's tree consultants reports are tailored to the specific requirements of his clients.

Dr. Hope has extensive knowledge of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), and Conservation Areas.

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