Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation Course

Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation Course from

By:  28/01/2009
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 Prepare for a better birth with a Natal Hypnotherapy Birth Preparation Course. 
Whatever sort of birth you are planning Natal Hypnotherapy can help you to:
* Reduce and manage pain
* Free yourself from fears and anxiety
* Help yourself to have a better birth
* Feel really confident in your body's ability to give birth naturally.
* Relax and feel calm, no matter what is going on around you.
* Fully prepare your birth partner to support you during the birth.
* Feel in control of your reactions & emotions no matter where your birth takes you.

The techniques work! 99% of mothers recomended them and the caesarean rate for course attendees is less than half the national average.

Courses are for both mothers and their birth partners and are held either during the evening or over one weekend.

Courses are being held in Cambridge and Peterborough every month from March 09 onwards.

Contact Shona to discuss the courses or visit the Natal Hypnotherapy website  

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