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By: Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training  16/09/2009
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Delicious And Healthy Energy Drink!
A rich, smooth flavour you can enjoy anytime...

Life- Shake it up!
Portable Energy for Active Lifestyles
Whether you run, bike, play or simply work a full day, the game of life demands that you keep up.  And you deserve the energy to do so.  As more activities fill up our already-busy schedules, it's a daunting task at times, but there's no need to miss out on what life has to offer. Infuse your body with the energy to face life's challenges head-on with Solstic Energy.

- Only 12 Calories
- Contains No Fat
- Low Glycemic Index
- 3g Of Carbohydrates
- Excellent Range of B Vitamins
- No Pharmaceutical Grade Caffine
- Safe for Diabetics

Just Add Water!
Conveniently packaged...
Solstic enery comes in individual servids and offers a powerful, portable boost for those on the go.  For instant energy just mix one with your drinking water, and get back to living.

Delicious and Healthy Energy Drink!
A rich, smooth flavour you can enjoy anytime...
Solstic Energy offers you a remarkable taste, packs tremendous energy and delivers health and vitality! Solstic's delicious and healthy energy drink is created with you in mind.  Whether you're 18 or 80, Solstic gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day and throughout your life!

A Healthier Alternative!
Contains NO FAT and has only 12 Calories...
Solstic Energy gives you the stamina you need wherever you and wherever you need it! It's a fantastic alternative to Coffee, Tea, Fizzy Drinks and other "Energy" drinks that provide a quick, suger-fuelled rush followed by an abrubt, vitality-sapping crash.  Solstic Energy's nutrient-rich formula increases energy without the unwanted jitters and crashes of after energy drinks because it's power-packed ingredients support the body's natural energy-producing mechanisms.  You'll have the energy that you need for now and later.

Yerba Matte provides long-lasting energy and has been used for thousands of years in the jungles of South America to increase endurance. Supports a postive attitude and mental alertness. Decaffinated green tea extracts are rich in EGCG, which helps increase calorie and fat metabolism. Your body needs to constantly replenish water-soluble B-vitamins to support energy levels and fight the draining effects of stress.  Guarana seed contains a naturally occuring caffeine that promotes a gradual, sustained incrase in energy levels.  Citric acid is used to form ATP, the basic energy molecule of the body, and malic acid is important for energy production in the body in both aerobic and anerobic conditions. Solstic Energy also includes sucralose, a sweetner created from natural sugar that has been proven safte through over twenty years of in-depth scientific analysis.

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