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By: J Harpham Tree Services  21/08/2011
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Mortgage Reports

Mortgage lenders often require a survey of trees surrounding the purchaser's property before contracts are signed. The mortgage report provides the lender and the house buyer with information on the age, size and condition of the tree, soil properties and future management plans if required.

The report offers lenders and insurers an opportunity to effectively and quickly assess the potential for trees, their roots or vegetation to influence building foundations.

We can provide mortgage reports making an inspection of trees, advising of potential problems and recommending suitable action. If required, tree surgery can be arranged and supervised as part of a whole package.

Tree Risk Assessments

By law, property and landowners have a duty to 'take reasonable care' of trees that are situated on their property. The tree owner should take steps to ensure that they are aware of whether a tree is likely to cause damage to people or property and if so how to take necessary action.

Using a probabilistic method of tree hazard evaluation in the form of the cutting edge 'Quantified Tree Risk Assessment' we can offer a proactive approach to tree maintenance. A level of acceptable risk is ascertained with the client before the assessment is carried out and recommendations for remedial work are outlined in a tree survey schedule.

BS 5837 - Planning Application Surveys

In recent years Local Planning Authorities have been placing more and more emphasis on the importance of trees within a development.

Trees can provide amenity value and a sense of maturity to a development, raising the value of the property and making it more marketable.

Our pre-design and development reports are produced in accordance with British Standard 5837 - Trees in Relation to Construction, providing the developer with all the information that is required to support a planning application where trees are implicated and offer guidance for tree protection during the construction process. We have full CAD capability or can work with paper plans if you prefer.

Keywords: tree services

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