By: Cambridge Person Centre  05/10/2010
Keywords: Counselling And Psychotherapy, behavioural therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy

Counselling  or psychotherapy is a genuine mutual exchange between two people and it provides a space for you to discuss, with a trained professional, any issue or problem that concerns you.  It is a process that requires commitment of time and effort by both counsellor and client.

Counselling practice may be based on one or more theoretical orientations. Our counselling service was founded in line with the principles of the Person-Centred Approach which means we believe that you, the client, are the expert and that nobody can know you better than you know yourself. We believe that, given the right conditions, you will be able to access your own wisdom and develop your own insights, clarifying the way forward for yourself.  It is our aim to provide the conditions in which change and growth can occur by offering our total and undivided attention, listening without judging and striving to understand how it feels to be you. We will share with you, honestly and respectfully, our experience of being with you.

Keywords: Behaviour Therapy, behavioural therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, Counselling And Psychotherapy