Income Tax Rebate Tips: Precautions before submitting the IT Return

By: Income Tax Return Rebate Tips  19/09/2011
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Income tax return for every fiscal year is to be submitted in every year, and that too, within a date pre-scheduled by the government. Income tax of an individual is assessed on the basis of her/his total income of the previous year. Income tax refers to an amount collected by the government of all countries from the earning people. It is mandatory for the citizens to submit the income tax return within the stipulated date of every year, and non-submission of it is tantamount to violation of the law of the land which is a punishable offence. Income tax paid by the citizens is a source of earning for the government which it needs for running the administration and for continuing the welfare activities in the country. Why then income tax rebate tips are important? Citizens should know that there are available options which help them saving a part of their annual earning.

Everyone cannot always manage his/her finance properly, but the basic part about income tax rebate tips has relation with one’s ability to maintain pertinent documents which reflect his/her annual earning and spending. The earning individual must keep these documents unless which it is difficult or it is not possible to assess what extent of income tax return may be available to him/her.

He/she should contact an expert income tax consultant of his/her region keeping in mind that the consultant has basic and latest information about income tax rebate tips. The consultant will study his/her documents of receipts and payments of the previous year and will assess the maximum available rebates. The earning individual should have primary knowledge in mathematics. He/she must check the return statement twice before submission. He/she must put his/her signature on all the documents.

Another point in the income tax rebate tips is for the husband and wife both of who do earn. When husband and wife in a family are to submit the income tax return, they should work jointly and should jointly submit the income tax return. It will help them saving a few cents or earning good rebate.

People should bear in mind that there are provisions for income tax rebates for the following cases:

   1. Some percentage of the educational expenditure (especially for the people who have school/college/varsity going children) is exempted from the income tax.
   2. Some part of medical spending (especially for healthcare/dental insurance) is also exempted.
   3. Some kinds of charitable donations are also set aside when income tax is assessed.

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Keywords: income, income tax rebate tips, income tax return tips, Income Tax Tips,

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