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By: Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket  07/02/2011
Keywords: hypnotherapy, anxiety, depression

Having been involved in a serious car accident several years earlier, Steve found it impossible to go back on the motorway. Just the thought of a motorway journey would make him feel tense, sweat and shake as he pictured all those horrific sights and sounds from the accident. It was like the other vehicle was still in front of his face as he hurtled towards impact.

Steve got around this by travelling everywhere on back roads and avoiding motorways at all costs – no matter how inconvenient or time consuming that made the journey. To him it seemed the only way he could drive anywhere.

That was fine – until he found himself needing to drive a full car of people to the other side of the country for a holiday. Now he knew he couldn’t just take the back way and expect the others to understand why it was going to take hours and hours of extra travelling before they could start enjoying themselves.

As he explained the earlier accident to me, Steve was reliving the moments leading up to it – the lorry in front, how it seemed to be uncomfortably close, his passenger sat next to him talking, the closeness of the lorry behind. It was a tense situation and Steve was shaking as he spoke, braced for impact.

Yet one session later and Steve could discuss the whole sequence without any of the tension, shaking or sweating. All the fear and pain just evaporated, leaving him free at last to get back on the motorway and get moving towards his holiday.

This is what Steve had to say: “Before I came to see Dan I felt controlled by my fear but now I feel in complete control whenever I am driving.”

As you consider this, just think, which road won’t you travel down because of fear? And then imagine what it would be like to be free of all that fear and anxiety so you can travel forward with your life?

And when you’re ready to overcome your driving phobia, contact Ely Mind Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Keywords: anxiety, depression, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Life coaching, Low Self Esteem, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-linguistic programming, NLP, Panic Attacks, time line therapy

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