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By: Keronite International Ltd  14/12/2010
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The Keronite technology is the most capable and widely available surface treatment of its type anywhere in the World.  Over the past ten years the Company and its licensees have developed a range of industrial scale applications in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The picture on the right shows the Company’s own volume production facility, installed in the Powdertech factory at Bicester, UK.  This unit is capable of processing parts with surface areas up to 6m of Aluminium and 4m of Magnesium.

One of the core strengths of the Keronite technology is its ability to treat a very wide range of alloys, making the variety of potential applications almost limitless. Focus in such an enormous market is therefore essential, both to ensure we are able to serve knowledgably the needs of our customers and to use effectively the applications experience we gain from proven successes.

This is a highly capable technology that is ideally suited to demanding applications that need the superior characteristics the Keronite process can deliver.  The technology has been engineered specifically to deliver a wide range of class leading characteristics.  This enables it to offer multi-functional protection in environments where components are subjected to multiple in-service conditions.

In environments were components are subjected to the most demanding conditions Keronite is able to enhance the durability, frequently delivering life time improvements between three and ten times those of other technologies.  Markets include space, aerospace, semi-conductor manufacturing, oil, gas & sub-sea and some specialist sections of the automotive market.

A major focus of the Company’s development efforts over the past decade has been to deliver technology capable of producing highly repeatable and consistent results.  The processors, designed and built by the company offer a closed-loop control system with ultra-rapid feedback providing precise control over the way in which the plasma is initiated and sustained, which in turn provide excellent part to part and batch to batch consistency.  This precision opens new opportunities where components may not be deployed in particularly extreme conditions but for some other reason require very high levels of accuracy and consistency.  In addition to the markets above this has led to successful applications in tool & moulds for plastics manufacture, high performance audio, electronics and optics.

An additional characteristic of the Keronite technology is that it delivers surface finishes with a very attractive ‘haptic’ appeal – they look and feel fantastic.  This ability to appeal to a range of senses simultaneously is proving very popular with modern designers of consumer products and architects.

So the primary focus of the business is in three complimentary areas:  Where products are to be deployed in extreme environments, where the component requires to be produced accurately and consistently and where the aesthetic appearance of the final product is important.  A market sector that brings all of these characteristics together is that of Elite Sport, including Formula 1 motor racing, NasCar, MotoGP, performance cycling and competition yachting.  These form the fourth area of application focus.

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