GDS-80 Gene Delivery System

GDS-80 Gene Delivery System from Wealtec Europe

By: Wealtec Europe  30/03/2011
Keywords: life science, Gene Transfer

 GDS-80 Gene Delivery System

Genomic research into plant cells is widespread. Researchers often need to transfer genes into plants and have a range of options they can use. The biolistic particle delivery method or gene gun is one such option where bio-particles are accelerated to a sufficient velocity to penetrate target cells. Within a cell, particles can then be imaged as the is gradually released. This technology is suitable for in situ, in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro transient and stable gene delivery. Wealtec have developed a very cost effective 'gun' for this process making it possible to transfer bio-particles into plant cells in vivo successfully.

The GDS-80 is a patented, innovative gene delivery tool for performing gene transferring experiments on both plant and also animal targeting samples. Adopting the concepts of aerodynamics, the GDS-80 can be operated under very low pressure settings. The system can not only deliver gold particle samples, but also naked samples by using nitrogen gas or helium gas to directly accelerate the bio particle up to supersonic speed. The low pressure used to drive particles into the cells results in less damage to the cells with minimal noise.


The GDS-80 is a simple to use gene gun. Using simple adjustments of delivery distance and pressure the possibility of damaging the targets is greatly reduced.

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Keywords: Gene Transfer, life science,

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