G:BOX Chemi IR6

G:BOX Chemi IR6 from Syngene

By: Syngene  08/07/2011
Keywords: gel imaging, Gel Documentation, Image Analysis Systems

 The G:BOX Chemi IR6 is a fully configured gel documentation (gel doc) system for infrared (IR) applications. This high specification model easily out-performs laser based systems in terms of capability, and more importantly, at a fraction of the price.

G:BOX Chemi IR6 has a 6m pixel cooled CCD camera for superb image quality and a lighting system for the imaging of IR dyes such as DyLight 680 and DyLight 800. Other brands of IR dyes can also be imaged with G:BOX Chemi IR6, with similar results. The system has comparable sensitivity and has a limit of detection (LOD) the same, if not better, than the most popular laser based systems and high resolution to compete at the top end of these laser systems.

Other advantages of the G:BOX Chemi IR6 is that unlike laser based systems it can work across a very wide range of applications such as, DNA gel staining, blue light applications, Northern/Southern/Western blots, multiplexed Western blots, EMSA/gel shift assay, protein gel staining and many more without the need to change your standard protocols within the laboratory.

The G:BOX Chemi IR6 is ideal for chemiluminescence work and with the upgrade to the edge lighting unit, the system can also be used for 2D electrophoresis gels. This is truly a versatile package which would make an ideal workstation for the busy laboratory doing a wide range of applications.
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Keywords: Chemiluminescence And Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence And Fluorescence Systems, Gel doc, Gel Documentation, Gel Documentation And Analysis Systems, gel imaging, Image Analysis Systems

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