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D-Zyme Promotion(1040GB) (#102037GB)

Ever notice that some foods don’t digest well? Proper digestion takes a precise concentration of balanced enzymes, without them there would be no raw materials to keep cells functioning.
A diet rich in fresh, uncooked foods helps supply these enzymes and ensure this balance. Unfortunately, fresh foods make up only part of some meals for most people. D-Zyme can aid your body’s natural processes by supporting digestion and helping to counteract an upset stomach.

  • Glucoamylase  - Supports proper digestion of starches.
  • Invertase (sucrase) - Used to convert sucrose to fructose and glucose.
  • Protease - principle enzyme used to breakdown proteins.
  • Amylase – The principal enzyme in the mouth.
  • Lipase - used by the body to break down dietary fats into an absorbable form.
  • Lactase – usually found in small intestine, aids digestion of  lactose (the naturally occurring sugar in milk).
  • Phosphatase - assists in the digestion of phosphate groups in foods.
  • Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officianales) - supports normal digestion.
  • Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare) - Used historically to provide support against indigestion from bulky, fatty meals.
  • Capsicum (Capsicum annum) -  Cayenne pepper has a rich history as a spice for heat, flavour and to help digestion. A perfect accompaniment to fennel and ginger

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Terms & Conditions

  1. D-Zyme Trial Offer promotional period is valid betwen June 7th and July 5th 2010.
  2. An order exceeding 100PV must be placed before D-Zyme can be ordered at the special HALF PRICE Trial Offer Price. 
  3. Order must be placed online at www.neways.eu or by telephone by contacting Neways Support Centre Europe, or by post, fax and email. Online/post and fax orders can be received until midnight on July 5th 2010. Telephone orders can be taken until 5PM CET (4PM GMT) on July 5th 2010. 
  4. The special promotional item codes of 102037GB must be used to receive D-Zyme  at the HALF PRICE Trial Offer Price. 
  5. The HALF PRICE Trial Offer Price is £9.10/€12,00 (4 PV) exclusive of VAT.
  6. One D-Zyme can be ordered at the special HALF PRICE Trial Offer price for every 100PV spent per order.
  7. Offer subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.  
  8. Offer may be subject to change without notice.

Keywords: health