DermOpt Grooming Spray

DermOpt Grooming Spray from Perfect Pet Skin

By: Perfect Pet Skin  27/09/2010
Keywords: pet, pet grooming, Flea control

DermOpt Grooming Spray is specially formulated gentle spray for pet dogs, cats and other furry animals and horses.


Use for regular grooming and conditions such as:

  • itchy skin or dry skin
  • mange
  • hot spots
  • allergic reactions to fleas, mites or ticks
  • skin irritations

Properties are:

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • non-irritant and soothing

Benefits include:

  • fast effect relief for itchy skin problems
  • restores hair in bald patches
  • revives coat to healthy shine
  • combats reactions to skin allergies

Used regularly in grooming and regular skin care routines, it prevents infestation by fleas or mites, maintains healthy skin, promotes hair growth and shiny coat.

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